Financial Health

We’ve mastered the business of medicine so you don’t have to.

To us, being a successful physician means earning a comfortable income and having the time to enjoy it. However, to be successful, you have to run your practice with the same kind of precise efficiency as you diagnose patients. But the business aspects are a pain. That’s why we offer physician consultants who have many years of medical business experience. Including helping new practices open. Operational reviews. Practice management. Billing and accounting.  And more.  All delivered at a lower cost than you can do in-house, in most cases. Plus, you use only the services that you need. As you’ll see, it’s a wonderful way to operate.

The business side of your practice can be a hassle, but it keeps you financially healthy.

Medical Practice Solutions offers assistance customized to the specific needs of individual physicians, physician groups and other healthcare related facilities. To do this for you, our consulting staff relies on years of experience in long and short range planning, problem solving, regulatory compliance and new strategy implementation. In short, we specialize in optimizing healthcare delivery, improving compensation and lowering costs. All done professionally with proven systems and top-flight consultants. Which means we make it easy for you. So, while handling your business in-house can be a hassle, working with us should be a pleasure.

Medical Practice Financial Services for Middle Tennessee